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Using the latest AutoCAD 3D design technology, our design team works closely with our professional engineers, our project managers and our clients to understand specific client and process requirements and to develop solutions that meet those requirements exactly.

We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accredited. Achilles registered and PED approved for the manufacture of pressure vessels. We are ATEX approved for Flame Arresters, as well as being an approved ASME U & UM Stamp authorised manufacturer.

Our products and process sytems operate in the most demanding and safety-critical industries and our design teams have the experience and expertise to deliver bespoke solutions, tailored to our clients’ specific needs. All our units are designed for ease of installation and to provide the minimum restriction to fluid flow thus reducing pressure losses and reducing power requirements.

GFSA filtration products are designed to maximise efficiency both in terms of performance and operating costs while protecting and minimising their effect on the environment. GFSA filters and strainers have large filtration areas that provide:

  • Lower operating differentials
  • Increased dirt-holding capacity
  • Increased time between maintenance periods

Our products are designed to incorporate standard components and are made from recyclable materials.

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GFSA Limited designs and manufactures filtration and process equipment which is environmentally friendly and exhibits leading edge technology.