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Treatments & Finishing

Heat Treatment

GFSA works with local companies to offer heat treatment of components or fabrications to change the physical properties of materials by cooling or heating them. This can have the effect of making them harder or softer or can be used to modify the properties of the metal component, without altering its shape. This technique is used most to strengthen metals can also be used to improve manufacturability.

The treatment is also used to stabilise fabrications by taking out the stresses generated by forming and welding. Techniques include annealing, quenching, case hardening, precipitation strengthening and tempering. All work of this kind carried out by GFSA conforms to strict standards and quality assurance.

Shot Blasting

GFSA works with local companies to carry out shot blasting which ensures that surface preparation is fully compliant to customer specifications. Shot blasting takes place in a controlled environment. We have managed and controlled the shot blasting of substantial fabrications and machined components to achieve SA Standards 1, 2.5 or 3 depending on customer specification.


GFSA can provide paint finishes to substantial fabrications and machined components to suit a wide range of applications and environments. Paint coatings are applied in strict accordance with customer specifications using airless and air assisted equipment. Rigorous inspection routines throughout the coating process ensure compliance with client requirements.

We can provide paint finishes in the following systems:

  • Alkyd
  • Zinc Rich
  • Single and Two Pack Epoxies
  • Glass Flake
  • Acrylic

All products are supplied with a full traceability pack to ensure that finishes are compliant with the required standards. We also utilise a number of local external paint specialists to meet the requirements of our projects.

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