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Industrial Filtration

In today’s modern industrial society with the ever increasing demands for maximum efficiency and output, process equipment and systems have become increasingly sophisticated and technically advanced in order to achieve very demanding present day performance and operating requirements.

Massive developments in manufacturing technology have enabled equipment to be manufactured to the finest of tolerances and precision, which all contribute to the soaring capital costs of today’s modern process plant. At the same time, these ever-finer tolerances have increased the sensitivity of process equipment to contamination. Surveys and investigations undertaken on this subject have concluded that the root cause of over 70% of process breakdowns and failures can be attributed in some way to contamination.

GFSA specialises in the design, production and installation of industrial filtration equipment that can protect and improve the efficiency of process plant across many industries. We have over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing specialist industrial filtration products for specific applications and pride ourselves on their quality, performance and environmentally responsible production.

Filter types available include:

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GFSA Limited designs and manufactures filtration and process equipment which is environmentally friendly and exhibits leading edge technology.