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Pig Traps

Pig Traps

GFSA creates Pig Traps (launchers and receivers) of exceptional design quality that are fabricated to guarantee long- lasting efficiency. They can be customised in terms of size, pressure, and colour.

The purpose of a pipeline pig launcher or receiver is to insert or retrieve pigs, spheres or inspection tools and they are designed to meet the specific requirements of each pipeline. Our in-house team of designers and technicians manage all manufacturing and testing of pig trap production to meet customer needs. Complexity ranges from standard launchers and receivers through to skid mounted pig trap units which can include a multitude of valves and associated pipework.

Our fabricated pig launching and receiving systems are delivered 100% tested and to specific client project specifications as well as International design codes.

All work is carried out in strict accordance with all International Quality Standards as well as adhering to International Health and Safety Standards.

We manufacture to the client’s specific requirements which can include:

Pig Launchers tend to be a bespoke product designed to suit a specific application. GFSA is highly experienced in this area and we work with an approved supply chain to offer quick release openings, pig signallers, pigs, and peripheral equipment, such as trolleys and devices that assist loading, removal and cleaning.

Due to the high pressures that are often associated with pig launchers, design is critical. Materials selected are often those with higher allowable stresses to ensure manufacture is from standard pipe schedules. Major and minor barrels have a transition piece which is designed to deliver a smooth interface and path for the pig. This is vital in ensuring successful operation.

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