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GFSA operates within some of the most demanding and safety-critical industries including Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Energy Generation and Water Processing. Maintaining the strength, integrity and corrosion-resistance of welded joints is an absolute requirement and the reason that GFSA places so much emphasis on quality, training and certification.

Our weld manufacturing processes are controlled and carried out to the highest standards of quality and consistency by highly-skilled craftsmen and technicians in accordance with ISO 3834 and ISO 1090 together with full compliance to client-specified standards and specifications. All welding is carried out by approved, coded welders to ASME IX, EN287, ISO 9606 and in excess of 250 procedure qualifications are held, covering a wide range of materials and thicknesses. Our in-house weld processes include: TIG, MIG, MAG, MMA, SAW and FCAW.

The result is that we can be relied up to deliver welds with the lowest possible failure rates despite operating within harsh, highly corrosive environments where high pressures and high stresses are part of standard operating conditions.

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GFSA Limited designs and manufactures filtration and process equipment which is environmentally friendly and exhibits leading edge technology.