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Surge Vessels

Surge Vessels

GFSA Surge Vessel systems are designed to prevent system failures and blowouts in facilities such as hydrocarbon processing and water treatment plants. The vessels are used as shock absorbers to neutralise sudden and unpredictable pressure increases and drops within systems caused by changes in flow and/or velocity. They protect expensive downstream equipment and instrumentation while protecting the sytem from contamination.

Surge vessels contain no moving parts and few vessel internals other than a momentum breaker, that is mounted on the inlet nozzle, and a robust inlet baffle.

Our surge vessels can be customised to your exact specifications and are available in a wide array of configurations, sizes and pressure ratings to suit a broad range of applications. All our surge vessels can be equipped with pressure relief valves and level alarms to prevent overfilling and can be fitted with a bypass manifold as well as temperature, pressure and sampling ports. Surge vessels are located on the front end of the process system, at the inlet and are, therefore, more often designed to a higher pressure than upstream equipment.

Surge Vessels can be supplied in all materials to suit the incoming process fluids; if solids are entrained they can be designed to address the potential for erosion by having a glass flake lining or cladding system incorporated. Special internals such as sand systems can also be provided to fluidise any sand that may be present with the process stream.

Surge Vessels can be vertically or horizontally mounted to suit specific project and process needs.

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