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Hydro-Cyclone Vessels

GFSA designs and manufactures Hydro-cyclone Vessels that can be used for the effective separation of solid particles in liquid suspension but also for the separation of liquids of different densities.

We work with leading suppliers of hydro-cyclone liners for de-oiling, de-sanding and water treatment applications. Hydro-cyclone liners are installed via tubesheet and careful construction experience is required to ensure a successful installation. GFSA has supplied hydro-cyclone vessels only or as part of a complete packaged installation with instrumentation, valves, piping and structure.

Due to the often aggressive nature of the service, hydro-cylone equipment and packaging tends to be made of Duplex or Super Duplex materials or a combination of materials. Instruments and valves require special seats and seals to offer some protection in services that will include solids. GFSA has suitable experience in the selection of materials appropriate for service requirements.

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