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Knock-Out Vessels

Knock-Out Vessels

GFSA produces top-quality free water Knock-Out vessels for economically removing bulk water from produced fluid streams. Primarily used when large volumes of water are present, our Knock-Out vessels offer low velocity flow rate and optimal oil-water interface area to achieve maximum free water separation.

Free water knock-out vessels can be designed with either horizontal or vertical orientation, in various sizes and specifications including both low- and high-pressure options. Our engineering and fabrication teams have decades of oil and gas processing expertise and deliver free water knock out vessels to exact customer specifications.

Free water knock vessels are often supplied complete with process internals that dampen the flow and aid coalescence of liquids. Depending on the characteristics of the flow, other process internals can be added to offer additional enhancements. GFSA can offer a range of materials and internal finishes to meet our clients’ project requirements.

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